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I’ve been asking my teacher for help. He keeps telling me that "I’ll learn it on my own" but I can’t figure it out. Swapping eye color and I’m on fire.

janemorrison (05/03/2020 20:55:29)


AlexMarchant (08/11/2019 07:19:41)


AlexMarchant (08/11/2019 07:19:31)


AlexMarchant (08/11/2019 07:17:52)

currently known as Project Scarlett

E3 2019 saw Microsoft finally lift the lid on its next generation console, providing us a brief glimpse at what is currently known as Project Scarlett, or Xbox 2, as we and many others have been calling it. We’re now aware of some specs and features, teasing what is bound to be a goliath of a console.

AlexMarchant (08/11/2019 07:17:22)

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