Simple Text Input Drop Down

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Category: Forms

Author: Michael Markivee

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Spiny orb weaver! I don’t think they ever leave their webs. I hate every other spider but love this guy. I have them all around outside my house. When I have to trim bushes they’re on, I relocate them. Eat the mosquitoes! Thank you for not coming into my home or cars.

Kellyleona (11/01/2019 15:25:02)

Yep. I had doubts at my clinical rotations during school, but figured I could just find a job outside of med/surg or the hospital that would better suit my personality. I also figured the flexibility in the schedule would make up for any cons in my job. There are a lot more options for nurses than just hospital work, so don’t let the clinicals scare you. I also have experience in hospice and home health (shadowing). Nothing I’ve tried feels right for me, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you!


suzainlian (10/01/2019 11:54:41)

This could forestall confusion for the content that handles the frame input. On the off chance that, say, the content was modified to just acknowledge capital letters, a drop-down menu would anchor that no invalid sections were made.

KevinRobson (07/12/2018 14:41:26)

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