Jiri Plistil

Jiri is a web and graphic designer, Adobe Fireworks guru (Adobe betatester) and photographer. He lives in Czech Republic and he is the author of Webportio. Jiri works on many kinds of web projects for his clients from different business areas. Beside of those projects he is running his own the largest website dedicated to fishes ( in Czech (and maybe worldwide).

Silviu-Ionut Radu

Silviu-Ionut Radu is a web designer, in production since 2004, in love with Fw from 1999 when it was just a quick graphical tool for prototyping. He also works with Ps for graphics and with Ai, InDesign and CorelDraw for DTP.

Since 2000 he has been working for companies in the IT&C field like Network Security and Network Design, Deployment and Management, in the System Builders field and Web Design and Development.

Silviu-Ionut Radu is an easy learner, stubborn for details and a sucker for cycling.

Vitor Reis

Vitor is a software engineer and web designer / developer from Porto Velho, Brazil, with over 7 years of professional experience, and Adobe Fireworks user for around 10 years. Now working as systems analyst, project manager and developer (mainly .NET) in his own company

Chad Roberts

Web designer in the Healthcare IT industry. I take it as it comes, and do with it what I want. Avid Adobe Fireworks evangelist.

Ryan S