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Andrea Seghezzi

Hi, my name is Andrea Seghezzi and I’m a Programmer/graphic designer/freelance webdesigner since 1999, when I founded

Since the last century (ha ha) I worked to provide graphic and technological solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises.

I always thought that good design (both on the web and in real life) must be democratic (and therefore not cost too much)

A brief chronology:

Born in 1973, after high school I attended for a couple of years the faculty of architecture at the Milan Polytechnic ... then after seeing that it was not for me ... I thought to stop and, instead of the sabbatical year, I did a year of compulsory military service (here in Italy we used to call it Naja)

Once my "pause" for reflection ended...I decided to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Faculty of Scenography.

Here I found an environment more conducive to my interests .. even if, after four years of study, from the scenery I went to computers.

In 1999, in fact, while I was still at Brera, I opened the vat and started the VECTORdesign adventure

Since I was opening a company from nothing, without first having worked with some agency, I started with zero clients, but did not lack the desire to doand to learn.

They were the golden years of Flash technology...

The first works were so very rich graphics and interactivity, even if rather limited from the functional point of view.

The dynamic programming languages began to appear on the scene of the web: Php 3.0 had debuted a year earlier, in 1998.

Gradually, I began to take its first steps in the field of programming, my collection of computer manuals is here today to remember the days when a code page was full of mystery ...

It was the language to talk with machines!

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I’m a graphic designer,enthusiast, and html chef ^_^